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All of us at The 5Dimes Group care about making a difference locally through charitable initiatives in our community.

Here are just a few of the projects that The 5Dimes Group has been proud to be a part of…


Project’s name: Back to School handwashing equipment

Beneficiaries: Fundacion El Futuro es de Todos

Description: 5Dimes continues to support many different organizations in the community.

In this case Fundacion El Futuro es de Todos, is a skill training facility for Down syndrome adults. Their objective is to provide people with Down syndrome the necessary training so they can maximize their academic, social and artistic skills in order to use these abilities to pursue their dreams and follow their passions!

To support their effort of returning to face-to-face learning, 5Dimes donated handwashing equipment, paper towel dispenser and soap.

5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: Christmas Tambourines

Beneficiaries: Casa de los Niños

Description: La Casa de los Niños is a private initiative that aims to rescue Tirrases’ kids from poverty and the rough streets in their community. Children attend “la Casa” after their normal school day. The children have the opportunity to eat, do their daily homework and also participate in a variety of diverse artistic activities. They’re required to keep good grades and help with “la Casa” daily chores.

The 5Dimes Group saw great potential in the children’s musical abilities and wanted to encourage their growth. The 5Dimes Group donated several band instruments such as drums, lyres, cymbals and tambourines. Now the children will be showing off their finest beats during the holiday parades!

5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares

5Dimes Cares



Project’s name: Reuse and Recycle

Beneficiaries: CENCinai Sabanilla & Alajuelita and Centro Educativo Campo Kennedy

Description: With ever changing technology, the 5Dimes Group often updates their equipment to ensure the best service to our customers around the world. Most of the time outdated equipment is in excellent condition and still very useful. The 5Dimes Group recognizes this and tries to recycle and reuse whenever possible.

In this instance, the 5Dimes Group donated several TVs to help entertain the children from Sabanilla and Alajuelita, who attend CENCinai’s while their parents work. The 5Dimes Group also reached out to the rural communities by donating three computers to Centro Educativo Campo Kennedy in Pococí, Limón. Most of the children’s parents work in the banana plantations that surround this developing county.

5Dimes Cares  5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares

5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: Encounter of Cultures

Beneficiaries: CenCinai - Hatillo, San José

Description: CenCinai is a program of the Costa Rican Health Ministry, which consists of nutrition conscious Day Care Centers for children at high risk all over the country. They take care of the children, stimulate them and provide them with good nutrition. CenCinai operates a much-needed center in Hatillo, which is one of the larger suburbs of San Jose. The Center in Hatillo cares for 55 children. Unfortunately on September 15th the CenCinai in Hatillo was a victim of a robbery. The robbery left the center vulnerable to future break-ins.

5Dimes Cares stepped in and helped improve the facility to hinder future break-ins. The lunchroom was also remodeled and furniture replaced. The center was also presented with donations of didactic materials for the children during the remembrance of Columbus Day. Hopefully with the improvements to the building and with the donations of materials, the children of Hatillo will recover from the robbery a little sooner.

5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares

5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: The 5Dimes Christmas Party

Beneficiaries: Rural Primary Schools

Description: In December, at the end of the school year, The 5Dimes Group organizes a Christmas Party for the children of a rural primary school in Costa Rica, where gifts are distributed to the thrilled students.

Earlier in the year, The 5Dimes Group receives pictures and personal details from the kids so that the gifts can be personalized. Students of all ages are invited to attend the Christmas Party, where they can enjoy great food, games, and entertainment.

The 5Dimes Christmas Party is a great way to reward the children for working hard and motivate them to continue school and to excel every day.

5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares

5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: Coloring Sports

Beneficiaries: San Gerónimo Primary School, Moravia, San José

Description: San Geronimo is a rural community located about 20 minutes from downtown San José. The 5Dimes Group and the Dream in Colors Association donated funds that will purchase a variety of sports equipment for the students. The donation took place at the San Geronimo School by 5Dimes and the Dream in Colors’ crew. The Dream in Colors Association has a 6-month motivational program for needy students attending primary schools from all over the country.

5Dimes Cares  5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares

5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: A Different Christmas

Beneficiaries: Albergue del Adulto Mayor - Tirrases, Curridabat, San José

Description: Tirrases is one of the poorer districts in Costa Rica. The Albergue del Adulto Mayor en Tirrases, Curridabat, hosts around 50 elder men, most of them with alcoholism problems. Some of their families still come and visit but the majority of them are not involved at all. The residents receive food, shelter and basic services for free. All the residents are also expected to participate in different activities going on in the Albergue. Among their several needs, personal items and kitchen tools are a priority. The 5Dimes Group donated funds that were used to purchase these much-needed items.

5Dimes Cares  5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares

5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: Pain Pill

Beneficiaries: Indigenous family – San Marcos de Tarrazú, San José

Description: Doña Emerita is an indigenous single mother of two children, in her early forties. She works on seasonal farms to support her family. Tragically, she has cancer that is in its final stages  A 5Dimes employee proposed a mini project to help this family in need. He learned about this family from his brother, who is a sociologist and works in the area. The 5Dimes crew collected groceries and clothing in order to cover, at least momentarily, the basic needs for this family.

5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares


5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: Fútbol con Dios

Beneficiaries: Fútbol con Dios Soccer School, Limoncito, Limón

Description: Fútbol con Dios is a soccer school for youngsters in Limoncito, Limon. Limoncito’s high rate of poverty, drug dealing and abuse, along with gangs and other crimes make this community a very tough place for a child to grow up. Missioner Erubei Concepción, first division soccer player William Sunsing and electrical engineer Celso Medina are the creators of this private project. Fútbol con Dios does not have an age limit; however, everyone involved must go to weekly religious meetings, keep clean of drugs and use proper language at all times. Without any government support this worthy project relies on private donations and the goodwill and spare time of its coordinators. The 5Dimes Group donated soccer equipment that was used at a friendly soccer match in their community.

5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 5Dimes Cares 


5Dimes Cares


Project’s name: Let’s play!

Beneficiaries: Primary Schools from Quebradilla, Cartago

Description: Quebradilla is a calm and mainly agricultural community located south of Cartago. The public schools in Quebradilla do not put a priority on art classes or physical education. The 5Dimes Group and the local Rotary movement organized a friendly match between the two primary schools from Quebradilla. The 5Dimes Group also donated funds that would help supply the students with art supplies and sports items to be used by the entire student population.

Project’s name: Computer’s Lab

Beneficiaries: Betania’s Primary School, San Pedro, San José

Description: Betania’s Primary School is a small urban school trapped in San Pedro’s urban development. Most of its student population comes from immigrant families with low economic resources. Along with the technical support from University of Costa Rica’s Community Work, The 5Dimes Group donated furniture and wiring for their entire computer laboratory. The 5Dimes crew assembled the furniture and the wiring was kindly handled by its IT Department.


Project’s name: Music & Sports

Beneficiaries: Liceo Nuevo de San Diego – La Unión, Cartago

Description: The Liceo Nuevo de San Diego is a fairly new public high school located in the community of Santiago del Monte, San Diego, La Union in Cartago. The community is considered to be at social risk due to the high instances of crime, illegal drug dealing and general insecurity. Dropout rates at this school are also higher than the national average. This high school has 525 students and a total of 40 professionals, professors and administrative staff. The 5Dimes Group donated much needed sports equipment and musical instruments to the high school students in need.

5Dimes Cares

All of us at The 5Dimes Group care about making a difference locally through charitable initiatives in our community.


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